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Queers News

Ok, nobody has been giving any Queers news and I am quite upset.

So here you go!:

In August, the Queers will be playing their first show in New Hampshire since the Elvis Room closed. I am putting it on, and it will be in Conway. Don't ask for any very specific answers yet, because I can't give them yet. But it will be in late August. The bands that may or may not be playing are The Jabbers, The Tunnel Rats, The Hymen Maneuver, The Vicious Bastards, and a few more or less.

Also, on my label, Leftover Records (, The Queers will be releasing a brand new EP. 4 new tracks will be recorded with Wimpy on vocals. No, not the Drunken Cholos, but "The Queers featuring Wimpy Rutherford". Expect it out sometime this summer. Maybe a live EP with the Jabbers and the Tunnel Rats in the near future possibly??? Maybe!

If you have any questions, ask them on the board so that I don't have to answer the same question multiple times!!


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