Chris (kingunderpants) wrote in thequeers,

Ok, I have everything in. All of this came from Joe Queer's basement
yesterday afternoon. Make offers for bid


Queers/Manges - Acid Beaters (I have 5 of these)
Cinema Beer Nuts(I have 10 of these)


The Queers - Pleasant Screams(Lookout)

V/A - Feel Lucky Punk?(Autographed by Joe) - Queers Tracks are "I
Don't Wanna Work" "I'm Useless" "At The Mall" "This Places Sucks"
"Kicked Out Of The Webelos".

V/a - Blow Out With History(Italian Queers Tribute. All old Wimpy time
tracks) (Autographed by Joe)

Johnny Thunders - Special Limited Edition on yellow vinyl

V/a - Hang 10(sealed). Featuring "Surf Goddess" by the Queers, and
bands like Cub and Helen Love.

Same as above, but test pressing. Signed by Joe

New Bomb Turks - Drunk On Cock. Cover of This Place Sucks. Sealed

Screeching Weasel - My Brain Hurts. Signed by Joe

The Queers - Love Songs for the Retarded(Lookout). Sealed

Dino, Desi, and Billy - Our Time's Coming

Screeching Weasel - Boogada signed by Joe

Screeching Weasel - Anthem for a new Tomorrow. Signed by Joe

V/a - Punk USA signed by Joe

Screeching Weasel - Wiggle signed by Joe

The Queers - Punk Rock Confidential test pressing signed by Joe. I
have 2 of these

The Queers - Too Dumb To Quit test pressing signed by Joe

The Queers - Too Dumb To Quit misprint with a Jazz band on one side as
opposed to the Queers. Very rare. I have 31 of these. Signed by Joe

The Queers - Suck This Live on Clearview Records. I have 20 of these
all sealed.

Rolling Stones - It's Only Rock And Roll/Through the Lonely Nights.
Rare, it doesn't even say it's Rolling Stones. Just have the Lip logo.

T Rex - Telegram Sam

T Rex - I Love To Boogie

Rollong Stones - Honky Tonk Women

Sweet - Ballroom Blitz

The Queers - Grow Up(Lookout) signed by Joe

THE QUEERS - GROW UP(SHAKIN STREET) Rarest official Queers item. The
Queers released this record on Shakin Street, but they never paid for
it, so they only recieve 160 copies and the rest were destroyed. They
never got covers or inserts, just the actual records.. Probobly only
one for sale in the world. Signed by Joe. This is very hard of me to
part with. I would love to be able to keep this and run away to
California, but I am too loyal.

8 track - Rolling Stones - Some Girls

Posters/flyers -

Queers/Methadones/Riptides/Pretty Nothings live at the Babylon

Queers/Gotohells/Buck/John Cougar Concentraion Camp at the Hole in
OKC. Bullet hole through center.

Queers/Methdones 10/29/02 in Detroit. Very cool poster

Queers at Donderdag 10/17

Queers/Riptides 10/19

Queers/Bambix/Nitrominds/Sonic Sex Panic/My Dog Is Virgin

Queers/MTX Lookout Freakout Eurotour 2001!



The Queers/Punk Lincolns/Blank Expression/Murder Mission/Stool
SAmple/Coathanger Abortions in Orlando FL. Date?

Queers 11/17/99 at Jerry's Pizza Bakersfield, CA

Queers 6/21/86 at the Angora in Hartford Ct. Opening for THE RAMONES.
Very weird line up, and 2nd set by special vocalist "Brandon". He was
the vocalst before Joe took over, I suppose. Odd versions of some
classic Queers songs. Set is over an hour.

Queers live in Rome, Italy 4/?/2000

Queers/DR. Kiahn 10/4/96 in San Diego

The Queers/John Cougar Concentraion Camp/Cuck 12/12/98 at the Met Cafe
in Providence, RI

The Queers live at TTs in Cambridge 8/26/95


I have 10 Drunken Cholos shirts, all size large. They are soon to be
out of print.

Happy bidding

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